Live coverage from Greece: Demos in Athens, Thessaloniki

Demonstrations in Greece continue today after three days of strikes and manifestations. Hundred thousand citizens are protesting in Athens, Thessaloniki and all big cities of Greece against the new load agreement that is going to be voted at the Parliament this evening. More photos from Thessaloniki


23.06 : Arrested by the police those inside the city hall. Info say about 23 people.


22.56 : People gathered also at Monastiraki. Another bank is burning.

22.39 : It is confirmed that group of protesters is in the city hall of Athens and riot police outside. Ianos bookstore is on fire.

22.34 : According to unconfirmed information the city hall of Athens is under occupation. 

22.00 : Extensive use of tear gas at Syntagma. Riot police tries to evacuate the square. 

21.50 : On fire 9 buildings in Athens among them one cinema, stores and banks.

21.24 : At Amalias avenue the protesters. Wide intervention of the riot police chasing protesters with extensive tear gas use.

20.57 : On fire two shops and a bank at Propylaia.

20.48 : Conflicts at Propylaia and at the bottom part of Syntagma square. Block of protesters at Amalias avenue.

20.29 : Protesters resist at the police gas war. Amalias avenue is full of people. Starbucks are burning.

20.00 : Conflicts continue at Propylaia and at Syntagma Square. Police forces have dropped hundreds of tons of gas. Demonstrators retook Vas.Amalias.

19.31 : Conflicts at Philellinon, Syntagma Square, Stadiou and Propylaea. Thousands of protesters gathered in the surrounding streets.

19.08 : Protesters are not leaving Syntagma square.

18.56 : Conflicts in Panepistimiou, Stadiou, Ermou, Filellinon, Amalia and Solonos. The police attacked and expelled the protesters 

towards the National Garden with extensive use of gas bombs.

18.51 : Police tries to push the protesters towards the National Garden. There have been arrests.

18.45 : Greek parliament is blocked. All surrounding streets full of protesters. Conflicts at Syntagma square.

18.33 : Conflicts at Panapistimiou street. The manifestation of PAME just began moving towards Syntagma from Stadiou street.

18.20 : Broad intervention of riot police in order to remove the protesters. Many wounded.

18.00 : Molotof and chemical ..Conflicts at Amalia avenue with Vasileos Georgiou.

17.54 : One injured demonstrator. Extensive use of gas bombs in Vas Amalia avenue.

17.49 : One policeman injured. Conflicts at Vas. Sofias avenue and Panepistimiou street.

17.41 : Broad intervention of riot police at Syntagma square with gas bombs.

17.26 : Hundreds of thousands of protesters this time in the streets around Syntagma square.

17.20 : Thousands of people in protest at Syntagma square. In progress the demonstration of PAME at Omonoia square.

17.05 : Blocks of organized protesters arrive continuously at the demonstrations gathering places.

16.35 : People are already gathering at Syntagma square. Amalia avenue and Stadiou street are closed. Fences have been installed by powerful police forces.

16.25 : Half an hour before the official appointment of trade unions, organizations, parties and citizens in the Syntagma square hundreds of protesters have allready gathered.



23.30 : One more arrest by the police.


23.16 : Manifestation is going up Navarinou street and is heading to Kamara.


23.11 : At Mitropoleos street the manifestation. More attacks by riot police.


22.57 : Riot police attack at Olympion. 2 police squads at the entrance throughing stones at protesters inside. Many more police at the square outside. Chasing protesters at the surrounding streets. More arrests.

22.43 : While protesters were trying to regroup at Olympion theater riot police attacked. 2 more arrests. Still some people inside the theater while conflict go on outside.

22.19 : Second protester injured with many wounds from riot police. More 3 arrests at the center of Thessaloniki.

22.12 : People continue to concentrate outside Olympon theater. Latest info speak about 5 arrests 2 of which are transported at police headquarters.

21.50 : Situation has calmed down at Olympion theater. Protester are gathering at the upper part of Aristotelous square.

21.41 : New attacks of riot police. Five protesters with light injuries.

21.32 : Riot police at the entrance of Olympion theater. Three arrests.

21.25 : The manifestation continues passing from AgiasSophias street, Egnatia street towards the upper part of Aristotelous square.

21.14 : Protesters regroup at Aristotelous square pushing away the police towards the seafront.

21.06 : Intervention of riot police in front of Olympion theater. Protesters are being chased at Mitropoleos street.

21.03 : Continuous use of tear gas at Aristotelous square and police raids.

20.55 : Conflicts outside Electra hotel. Police raids are continuous. Protesters try to reach the occupied Olympion theater.

20.50 : Police attack outside the Olympion theater. Use of tear gas and flash bang.

20.42 : Tear gas and flash bang now at Mitropoleos street close at Aristotelous square. A second bank under attack at Mitropoleos street.

20.37 : At Tsimiski street the block of PAME going up Aristotelous square.

20.28 : At Aristotelous square the head of the march. A bank is under attack at Tsimiski street.

20.09 : Manifestation is now turning at Venizelou street. Protesters are singing and shouting slogans making a very vivid atmosphere.

20.00 : Over 20,000 protesters. The head is in Aristotelous square. PAMEs block is estimated to have around 8,000 protesters.

19.44 : The two manifestations meet at Egnatia street. PAMEs block turns to AghiaSophia street.

19.36 : The manifestation is now at Egnatia street. PAME is gathered in Aristotelous square.

19.05 : At the white tower the head of the demonstration at Thessaloniki. At Aristostelous square its tail.

18.53 :  The demonstration is now starting at Nikis (seaside) avenue.

18.34 : Huge number of demonstrators in Aristotelous square. More than 15,000.

17.48 More than 10.000 protesters now in Thessaloniki.

17.26 : According to first estimates the demonstration in Thessaloniki has 7000 protesters and the number continues to grow. Protesters are at Aristotle's Square.

17.08 : A large number of people gathered in front of the Olympion theater at Thessaloniki.